Programming Logic and Design (Introduction) Lecturer - Independent Contractor (6 February 2017 to 7 July 2017) - PLDL-IC
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Number of Openings

Campus/Business Unit:

Vega School - Cape Town Campus

Direct Reporting Line:

Vice Principal - Tertiary

Job Purpose:

The purpose of this module is to establish a solid foundation of theory required for effective programming. Students learn various programming concepts and approaches and then proceed to study more complex concepts and elements critical to a good understanding of programming methodology.

Module Outcome/Outline:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of computer processes and approaches relevant to design coding solutions using flowcharts and pseudocode.
  • Apply the concepts and application of basic structures of programming to the decision making process in programming.
  • Use arrays and array manipulation in a programming solution.
  • Use methods in a programming solution.
  • Demonstrate the ability to solve problems with programming design solutions.



  • An Honours degree in Information Systems/ Computer Science.


  • An Honours degree in similarly related fields with programming or a similarly related field to the third year level.

Work Experience:

Lecturing experience in programming.

Work experience as a software developer/ application developer/ programmer.

Key Performance Area:

Preparation and lecturing as per the Module Guide for Programming Logic and Design.

Teaching curriculum outcomes as per contract hours.

Briefing students for assignments and providing feedback.

Marking assessments and providing feedback.

Presenting class marks and feedback to the Programme Managers.

Actively engaging with current trends in teaching and learning strategies within the Vega environment.

Working Conditions:

  • Campus Environment

Equity Statement:

  • Preferably equity candidate.


Please note that ONLY candidates who meet the requirements will be considered for this role. Only successful candidates will be contacted within two weeks of applying. If you have not heard from us within two weeks of applying consider your application unsuccessful.